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    Ashwagandha Extract

    Ashwagandha Extract

    Did you know that taking ashwagandha extract can improve your sleep, decrease your stress and seriously boost your testosterone?



    We follow the same basic guidelines as our friends at iTestosterone focusing on supplementation based on scientific case studies with humans.


    All of our supplement recommendations are natural herbs, vitamins and minerals so you never have to worry about side effects.

    Fenugreek Extract

    Fenugreek Extract

    Contrary to popular belief fenugreek extract can actually lower your T levels. It's best known attribute is helping lactating mothers produce more milk for their babies.


    Check out what Examine has to say about it.

    Big Movements Increase Testosterone

    Exercise Big

    Big movements in exercise routines can have a very positive impact on your hormone profile.


    Concentrate on doing squats, deadlifts, powercleans and benchpress.


    You can also do sprints to increase testosterone but keep the distance short < 100 meters or else you can actually lower your T due to the stress load on your body

    Real Nutrition Advice

    Our trainers will work one on one with you to provide a custom tailored program that can meet your dietary restriction and time constraints.


    No matter what stage of the game you are at, we can help to improve your life and take your health to a whole new level.

    Carbohydrates and Sugar Lower Testosterone

    Carbohydrates and Sugar

    Processed carbs and processed sugars are treated by your body as if they are the same. Both can drastically reduce your bodies ability to produce T and that's not good.


    Focus on eating whole grains and for goodness sake, just cut out the sugar all together!

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    The Testosterone Guys is a full service nutrition and supplement consultation platform helping men increase their testosterone levels so they can fully enjoy life.


    There is no better feeling as a man than a lean, strong, muscular body full of energy and sexual potency.


    By following the advice on this website and working with our trainers, you can get there no matter your age.

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